Arts Smart: Growing With A Growth Mindset (Growth mindset book for kids)

Do you want to teach your kid to reach their potential and do not afraid of mistakes?A life lesson that all parents want their children to learn: We learn from mistakes and become better. It’s OK to make a mistake, and everybody make it. When you think you have made a mistake, think of it as an opportunity to improve yourself. An unfortunate failure can be the beginning of an adventure in creativity. So, for example, a blot can become a spider! In this Growth Mindset book for kids, you meet a little girl Vicky. She wanted to draw so much, but she is not confident of herself and thinking ‘Can I do it’? But then she realized the power of the word ‘YET’...A section at the end of the book contains simple drawing techniques for children that adults can use to help children gain confidence in drawing.Here’s what readers are already saying about “Arts Smart: Growing With A Growth Mindset“ book:“Great motivational reading for kids” – Jessica M.“Colorful illustration, Inspiring to all young minds!” – Kelly C. Webb.“Magnificent Read, My 6 year old grandson liked it, especially cute post-reading activities” – Emma Foster.Professional illustrationNot boring for kidsHas a great moralPost-reading activity bonus - teach how to draw kidsHelps your kid to be confident about your selfRelevant and easy for kids to followPositive mindset for kidsSends wise and clear message for childrenWith this mindful kids book, you can teach your child of positive mindset and self-confidence.Go and buy this now!Scroll up to the top the page, and click on the yellow “buy now” button.

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Book Title: Arts Smart: Growing With A Growth Mindset (Growth mindset book for kids)

Book Author: Laura Ray

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