Nightworld Academy: Term Three

Term Three is in session. Let the games begin.I’m back at the Nightworld academy and looking forward to a new term, but life isn't any easier. I’m still reeling from the events at the Winter Ball and Tobias’s revelation. Now a new face on campus is about to throw everything into turmoil.My relationship with the guys grows more complicated. I’m worried Ash is drifting away from me, I’m no closer to finding how to stop Jamie’s death, and my feelings for Andrei confuse us both. Amelia’s also behaving oddly, and I’m worried she’s planning something stupid. Is somebody trying to pull us apart?Add in the rivalry of the academy games, and this term will test friendships.A prank leads to a frightening and confusing vision unlike anything I’ve experienced, and I’m now certain the biggest danger to the academy is somebody or something already here.Amidst all the confusion, one thing is clear. I need to work on perfecting my new abilities and holding us together before the Dominion infiltrate the academy and my new world comes crashing down. Term Three is the third in this upper YA/NA series of magic academy books. The main characters are eighteen and older, and this is a slow burn RH. Contains mature content.Term One and Two must be read first.Please Note: As the series is set at a magic school in England, the books are written in British English.Scroll up and download now to continue this gripping new academy series filled with magic, mayhem and romance!

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Book Title: Nightworld Academy: Term Three

Book Author: LJ Swallow

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