Rogaks New York No-Fault Law & Practice: 2009 Edition

THE FIRST-EVER COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO NEW YORK NO-FAULT PRACTICE 2009 Edition Hundreds of New Case Reports! Rogak's New York No-Fault Law & Practice By Lawrence N. Rogak No-Fault litigation is "a Frankenstein monster that has assumed a life force of its own, becoming so unmanageable and uncontrollable that it acts out in ways never envisioned by its creator." - Judge Charles J. Markey. And 25% of all lawsuits in the New York City Civil Court system are no-fault suits. The No-Fault regulations are complex, difficult to understand, and they leave many questions unanswered, requiring New York claims examiners, lawyers and judges to make decisions every day for which there is no clear guidance in the law. And yet despite the enormous size, scope and complexity of No-Fault practice, there has never been a published guide for those who struggle with this field. Until now. Lawrence N. Rogak is a New York attorney with over 25 years' experience in insurance law practice. A prolific writer, he has published hundreds of articles on insurance law practice, and a previous book, Rogak's New York Insurance Law. He is the managing partner of Lawrence N. Rogak LLC, an insurance defense law firm in Oceanside, New York, which is listed in Best's Recommended Insurance Attorneys. Mr. Rogak has painstakingly organized No-Fault practice into 90 distinct topics, with hundreds of sub-topics, all arranged in alphabetical order. For every topic, he has provided statutes and case law with the closest thing to a definitive answer for the questions that arise under each topic. Plus, he adds his own commentary and suggestions. For any lawyer, arbitrator, claims examiner or judge involved in No-Fault practice, their copy of Rogak's New York No-Fault Law & Practice will become their best friend and companion, a road map through dark and uncharted territory.

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Book Title: Rogaks New York No-Fault Law & Practice: 2009 Edition

Book Author: Lawrence N. Rogak

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ISBN: 1440111790