Captain Beastlies Pirate Party

Who’s the grubbiest pirate on the high seas? Why, it’s Captain Beastlie, me hearties!Captain Beastlie is a horror and embarrassment to his shipshape crew. He is the smelliest, dirtiest pirate ever to sail the high seas. So while he’s eagerly counting down the days till his birthday, his crew is planning a special surprise. And when Captain Beastlie’s birthday finally comes, his squeaky-clean crew steals his filthy old clothes, pops him in the bath, and gives him a brand-new pirate outfit to wear at his birthday feast. A rollicking tale that’s perfect for kids who love pirates — and those who hate bathtime, too!

Book Details

Book Title: Captain Beastlies Pirate Party

Book Author: Lucy Coats

Book Category: -

ISBN: 0763673994